Phiann- Undead crusaders from mighty Cachail empire to the north, they have abandoned the traditions of their people to follow the teachings of breakaway leader. They live in constant struggle between their reverence for life and their need to survive to defend life.

Veridiant – born from the great tree, different heritage, weed, tree, flower (vines, flowers, fruit)

Dragonborn – very rare, good luck, always have the spark/on the path. Follow strict code of honor. They revere anyone on a true path/way. Follow the teachings of Varangos their spiritual leader, who taught that they must find their purpose by serving others. They call themselves Vargengi.

Dwarves – born legless in there great mountain kingdoms, rite of passage to create own legs and become full member of society

Eladrin – great crystal city to the northwest amongst the glaciers or SE in crystal wastes

Elves – mighty forest empire surrounding the great tree. yearly pilgrimage in spring to great tree to watch seeds hatch new life

Genasi – Pirate kingdom amongst the seas, harvest fresh water from the icebergs. different castes depending on element manifestation. Earth – Coral, volcanic rock. ship builder caste. Fire – blue/green flame. Warrior caste. Water – Religious caste. Wind – Navigators caste. Storm – Leader caste, captains and kings come from this heritage.

Gnomes – sneaky fey that live amongst the many kingdoms, the hills of the north are quite popular, as are the root systems of the great trees of the forest

Goliath – travel amongst the twisting mountain ranges of the northeast. homeland borders these mountains and the great crystal wastes to the SE

Half-Elves – common where the human kingdoms border the great forest

Half-Orcs – still evaluating

Halflings – mighty caravans travel the great roads carrying the Halfling civilization, these vary from wandering gypsies, traders, performers, priests, mercanaries, etc. Giant beast from the plains of the east pull their incredible buildings/tower carts.

Humans – everywhere, most common amongst the cities of roads

Shifter – Enjoy the great forest for it’s connection with nature, but also have roaming bands of hunter tribes in the plains of the east

Tieflings – can be found most everywhere, but are most commonly found amongst the perilous straits in the caldera or amongst the stargazing monasteries (Crown of Absolution) that line the caldera rim

Character Classes – New: Grappler

Role: Controller

Power Source: Martial

Key abilities: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Wisdom

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather

Weapon Proficiencies: Spiked Gauntlet, Dagger, War Pick, Light War Pick

Bonus to Defense: +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex

Hit Points at 1st level:

Hit Points per level gained:

Healing Surges per day:

Trained Skills: Acrobatics or Athletics (your choice). From the class skills list below, choose 3 more trained skills at 1st level.

Class Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Athletics (Str), Endurance (Con), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Streetwise (Cha).

Build Options:

Class Features: Leaping Grasp/Steelvise Grip,

“Throw” keyword powers that end you prone. Feat that allows you to stand from prone as minor on same turn as you use Throw.

Powers that allow you to shift, or make athletics/acrobatics checks for jump.

Halfling feat that allows to be considered medium sized for grabs.

At-Will Powers:


Arm Lock

Shoulder Throw

Head Lock

Encounter Powers:

Slumber Grip (sleeper hold): sustain and they fall unconscious

Suplex: slide target and both you and target prone

Hurricane Toss: Swing target around, shift all adjacent creatures 1, and slide 3 squares ending prone.

Daily Powers:


Chest thump

Paragon Paths -

Jingle Man – Cleric, no single deity feats

Action point (11th level)

Aegis of Icons –

Favor of Many

Communal Prayer

Caldera Sentinel – Tiefling

Action point (11th level)

Racial – When you use your Racial power Infernal Wrath

Absolution Gaze -

Stern Meditation -

Wave rider – Genasi

Action point (11th level)

Racial – when you use your Elemental Manifestation racial power

Sea Wolf Strike -

Huntmaster – Ranger (show of prowess with one weapon to fell prey)

Action point (11th level)

We are as One – Weapon becomes extension of self

Beseech Spirit – Calls to spirit of prey for approval

Blade Soul – connect with dormant magic within weapon of choice

Moment of Eternity – Time appears to slow, reroll attack?

Guided Strike – weapon takes control and finds weakness

Road Warden -

Action point (11th level)

Stone Speech -

Paved Steps – stones appear underfoot, remove difficult terrain

Dimension path – while on the roads, can open doors between faraway points

Behemoth Binder – Druid/Shaman

Action point (11th level)

Spite Fetter -

Break Spirit -

Blissful Bonds – Control spell that target enjoys

Dwarven Handmaiden -

Action point (11th level)

Racial -

Protect the Defenseless

Cradle to Grave

Grovesworn – Veridiant

Action point (11th level)

Racial -

Perennial Stance

Fury of Seasons

Highwayman – Rogue

Action point (11th level)

Spot the Score


Caravan Master – Halfling

Action point (11th level)

Racial – When you use Racial power Second Chance, +2 to targeted defense.

Wards of the Wagon

Vargengi – Dragonborn – bodyguard

Action point (11th level) -

Racial – When you use Racial power Dragon Breath you can always exclude your bonded party member from being targeted.

Pledge of Steel -

Brothers Bound – path feature binds Vargengi to party member

To Your Side!

Fealty Sworn

Terrapin Guard – Shield Master Fighter

Action point (11th level)

Shield Bash

Tortoise Shell



Incessant Bulwark


Tomb Patrol/Sheppard – Phiann that ensures the dead are not recruited into the forces of the Everliving.

Action point (11th level)

Racial -

My Light leads the Way

The Pale – Phiann paragon path, Vowed to destroy undead and restore balance to the natural world. They view themselves as abominations, but also understand the good they can achieve. They undergo an arcane ritual that gives them a glimpse of their own death. They seek glorious death in the throws of battle with undead opponents. “I know well the face of my killer, yet you are a stranger to me.”

Action point (11th level)

Pale Oath

Eternity Forsaken – No longer sap energy to recuperate. Sleep like normal humanoids.

Scarwind initiate – Goliath

Action point (11th level)

Testament of Scars – Each time you take damage from an enemy attack you gain one scarwrath up to a max of 5.

Opposed Check – Can make regular attack an opposed check.

Know Weakness – Switch target Defense of single attack

Unrelenting Assault

Scar Wrath

Epic Destinies

Path of ascension



Channel Divinity feats

- Vedran

Regain Healing surges?

- Karzum

Repair constructs/warforged/dwarf

- Dragos

Usable on charge, marks target

- Oleena

Grants combat advantage/Concealment

- Kir


- T’orblkain

Grabs target

- Prince of Masques


- Bolwyn


- Sidras

Change appearance/blur/hard to hit

- Tristian

Unstable teleportation

- Varangos

Choose two allied targets, bonus to attack/defense

- Phinnairn

Draw energy from adjacent squares, allies hurt as well. Bolster target

- Racial Feats Phiann

2 Heroic

1 Paragon

1 Epic

- Racial Feats Veridiant

4 Heroic

3 Paragon

1 Epic

- Class Feats

17? each Heroic

- Generic Feats

5 Heroic

1 Paragon

3 Epic



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