Road to Glory!

Ten primal beings slept and dreamed. Out of that dream the land of Atoru was born. Each being awoke to find themselves made flesh in the mysterious forests, mountains, plains and seas of this new world. They no longer drifted careless through the astral seas as they once had. They had collectively birthed a new plane full of great power. The powerful newborn consciousness of this world had chosen them for a unique harvest, a harvest of heroes. Each God would now be responsible for the cultivating of great champions who could defend this young world against the threats of the vast planar sea.

Some gods forged mighty kingdoms to recruit their champions; some bonded great warriors to their cause and honed a small force to perfection. Others joined together to combine the powers of the Gods. Some of their kind, thankfully few, fell off the path and recoiled into darkness. The gods populated their homelands with humanoid races in their image, and from this population a vast ever-expanding pantheon of demigods was gathered. These exalted heroes came to be known as patrons, and with their divine ascension they escaped the bonds of Atoru to travel the planes as guardians of their birthplace.

The gods explored their new home, and as they traveled they bound the world together with magical roads forged from the raw elements of the universe. These roads traced across the land like a great river of stone. Over time nine nations rose and fell amongst the roads, great kings vanished, a green mother slept, dark fire rained from the heavens, and gods cried tears of stars. Old gods faded and new ones rose to take their place.

Millennia have passed, but Arotu is still a world where gods walk the earth. The founding kingdoms are fractured and nearly lost to legends. The ancient pathways of the gods still link the civilized parts of the world, but the wilderness continues to lurk dark and dangerous from the edges. The path of patronage lives on, and the spark of ascension ignites in future heroes every day. The legacy of the thousand patrons before you inspires a fresh generation of champions as you walk the…Road to Glory.